1 Year of Life Into 1 Blog Post

So, I know Colin is the main contributor for this blog currently and he told me if I don’t step it up, he is taking over “our blog” completely for his Colinary Tour. How rude right? But I get it. I mean he majored in journalism and its easy to get lost in the words of his beautiful writing but we can’t all have that gift. While I do have a lot of great ideas for blog posts from seeing many breathtaking places, strange people, and emotional airport embraces, I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words and have a serious issue with remembering to use punctuation. I think I can thank my mom for that one.

My life post-grad has been an incredibly, fun-filled, busy blur that doesn’t seem real sometimes. Since college, I’ve been fortunate to live in West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and New York City. I recommend all locations except the one that rhymes with Shminneshmapolis. Cool city and all for the 4 months of bearable weather, but I mean damn, that winter is brutal. Basically what I mean is that NYC can’t really compare to any other city in the US and from now on whenever I look at any city skyline, I just say “aw, that’s cute.” My dad is always down to help his kids move and he has really come in clutch moving Colin and I to and from these cities. I mean for an 18 hour cross country drive: he is a 20 ft. moving truck driver by day, and full on whisky drinker at the local dive bar by night. Also, Whit has never missed a free breakfast buffet at a hotel in his life. He’s great.

Colin and I really have experienced so many cool things together already with only a year and a half of the travel benefits under our belt. Disclaimer: I had 22 years of free travel thanks to mom and pops so I had a little bit of a head start on him. Besides our frequent trips to Atlanta for all of the weddings, lake days, and family time we have FOMO for if we miss, we tend to get around. Just this year, Colin and I have seen the canals in Amsterdam, the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and the sunny & topless beaches in Barcelona. We’ve spent the day in St. Louis, Missouri at the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and the Arch. We got to have an incredible day in Denver, Colorado with our friend Ellis who took us on a 20 mile bike tour of the city. My cousin got married in Nashville, Tennessee and we made a weekend trip out of it. One of my best friends, Brooklyn, lived out in Bozeman, Montana for a year and we enjoyed the snow capped peaks, roads so beautiful you want to get lost, and being in the company of dear friends. At the end of the day, that’s really all that matters to me: friends and family who will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt, a cozy home to cuddle in, a homecooked meal, mental (and real) photographs of the beautiful places you’ve been & gratitude for all of the above.

Something that comes with this job for me is that I am always looking for something to do in my time off, when I really should be resting and just enjoying a normal altitude and stillness of the ground. But like, I can hop on a plane and be anywhere I want in the world in a matter of hours, and that is hard to pass up. We really have been trying to focus on enjoying New York and doing fun New Yorky things when we are off together and I would say we are doing a good job. We joined a kickball team where every Thursday night, we go to the field for our game and then go to a bar after for mandatory flip cup. The points count towards the overall league score. I mean what genius came up with that? Incredible. Shoutout to Georgia Southern for teaching me everything I know in the flip cup world. Picnics in Central Park. It is just as dreamy as it sounds. We gather up blankets, fruit, cheese & wine and enjoy the sunset- barefoot in the grass, forgetting for a minute that we are engulfed in this concrete jungle. Rooftop bars. I mean I actually feel like I am in an episode of Gossip Girl when I go to these magnificent rooftops overlooking Manhattan. But then when I get the tab, I quickly remember that I am still a poor girl trapped in a rich girls body so reality is restored quickly.

I have also been making changes to my health to try to improve overall quality of life and that is a beautiful thing. Going from drinking beer and eating fried foods in college daily, to living at home where we don’t miss a meal and there is always an abundance of breakfast and appetizers on deck (if you have ever been to my house you know how 100% real this is), its safe to say neither of those are the case now. I bought a bike, which I ride to the yoga studio I joined, and although we do have Colin’s car, (shoutout to the 200k Chevy Tahoe) the amount of walking in New York in unlike anything I’ve experienced. Colin and I are now frequent members of Hello Fresh which sends you 6 fresh meals a week for roughly $10 a meal and everything is delicious and healthy! We have our local fruit and veggie stand where we buy all produce which is another thing we are trying to eat more and more of. And did I mention that our apartment is a 4th floor walk up with no elevator? And that we had to buy AC window units when we first got to New York? Yeah, moving in was really fun. We are really trying hard to take care of our bodies better than we have in our previous years and the benefits we feel make it worth it.