Colinary Tour: South of the Border in Cabo


View of Cabo San Lucas from the top of Mt. Solmar

Fall off the bone pork. I mean I literally picked up the slow-roasted pork shank by the femur and the surrounding meat peeled itself and flopped down on the table; releasing a little bit of steam and whole lot of aroma.

That’s what’s going through my mind when I’m recollecting on my trip to Cabo San Lucas after Thanksgiving.

The dish was Pork Yucateco (Chamorro de Cerdo) at Restaurante Maria Corona, just two blocks behind the hustle and bustle of Cabo Marina.


Marinated with dried chiles and slow roasted, this hunk of meat was served with pickled red onions to add sharp/sour/citric flavors to the savory/rich/mellow pork leg and pasilla peppers to kick it up a notch if you so choose.

Served with rice, beans and a regional cheese (looked and tasted similar to Chihuahua cheese) this melt-in-your-mouth plate of food was the highlight of my first trip to Los Cabos in 2012 and it was the same this time around. Check out the rest of Restaurante Maria Corona’s menu here.


However, don’t think that’s where my food search ended…come on, you know me better than that. Maria Corona’s isn’t upscale per se, but it’s an experience (think: tiki torches and guacamole made table-side). The antithesis of that is Tacos Gardenias.

Although it’s located on Paseo de La Marina, it’s not in the main drag of tourist attractions. If you weren’t hungry and don’t naturally gravitate towards delicious smells, you might never notice this place. It’s got a sign on the roof, but nothing else enticing you to come in. There isn’t even a front wall, just an open-air entry; which is nice. The fish taco was excellent, the shrimp taco maybe even better but if I were you I would go ahead and get one of each taco that they offer. I think it was eight, but I lost track after the cactus taco which I think was number five.

All this food, you need something to wash it down with right? Aside from Mexican Coke which is superior to what we have( is it the cane sugar? is it the glass? is it because we’re on vacation?), what’s a trip to Mexico if there isn’t some tequila going on.

I’ve just recently become a fan of tequila after realizing that the cheap stuff is garbage. Real tequila isn’t all that bad and there’s actually flavor in there. My favorites are Herradurra Reposado and Don Julio Blanco. The reposado is oaky and strong, with vanilla and pepper flavors. The Blanco is clean and smooth, the easiest tequila I’ve had to date.