Thoughts on life after 3 months of attending flights

After finishing up roughly 3 months of being a flight attendant, I’ve realized a few things:

  1. With a schedule like this, the only way to survive is to eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, and make the most of a Tuesday afternoon when you’re off and everyone else is working.
  2. People from all over the world are pretty fantastic (excluding the occasional person who uses me as their verbal punching bag while squeezed in a middle seat on a plane). Just because someone doesn’t look like you or speak your language, does not mean they should be discounted or brushed off. Put yourself in their shoes and treat them with the utmost respect just as you would want to be treated.
  3. Pictures can’t justify our world’s beauty; although I still manage to take at least 50 per layover, there’s just nothing quite like experiencing it in person.
  4. You never know what kind of day someone is having. Planes transport people to weddings and celebrations or to funerals and life changing doctor visits. Random acts of kindness, a genuine smile and a few sweet words can go a long way and have a lasting impact on a human being.

With all of the negative things happening in this world, sometimes it’s scary to travel. My family worries about me and all I can do is reassure them that I will be safe and smart.  One of the recent shootings that just happened was in the city I live in. But you can’t live in a box. Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring a new city or a new country is gratifying, exhilarating, and changes your perspective on how you view everyday life.

Being across the country from my close friends and family is hard but has also taught me to grow up and learn a lot. I am at the happiest in my life right now because having some solitude has made me focus on the important things in life. Be positive and warm to those around you- you don’t know what path of life they are on. Enjoy the warmth of the summer air on your skin or the salty ocean breeze when possible. Take care of your mind and body and be conscious of what you’re putting into it. Cherish the little things- like coming home to a clean house, a home cooked meal, or a movie day during a thunderstorm. Give compliments to people and they will come back around when you need a pick-me-up. Put an effort towards your relationships with people and don’t take anyone for granted, you never know when they could be gone.

While working for a major airline and traveling somewhere new every week sounds totally glamorous, its not all of the time. The hours are hard on your body, the days are long, and you never know how hard it is to pull out a smile until you’ve been flying across the country and back overnight for 12 hours with delays and unhappy people. But one thing I try to always remember, is to never get complacent; with my job and being responsible for the safety of so many; with days off and wanting to sleep all day when I know I shouldn’t but sometimes you just need to. And most of all- with the love and people I have in my life. Stay on your toes and sensitive to the people who emotionally give to you, and be ready to return that when they need it.

Much Love.


London, England


San Juan, Puerto Rico


Chicago, IL


Stillwater, MN


Phoenix, AZ


Nassau, Bahamas


Paris, France


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